RT4000/5000- 400A & 500A three phase inverter

Manufactured by NEWARC (UK)
These powerful 400-A and 500-A air or water cooled power sources enable high-quality TIG welding with perfect arc ignition every time – even when used with helium.
They offer excellent cost and energy savings though high efficiency, power factor and on-demand cooling features. The robust external casing provides reliable protection for the power source even in the most extreme conditions.
The units are also lightweight and portable, making them ideal choices for challenging work sites, including offshore, shipyard, construction, petrochemical and nuclear facilities. The RT5000 in particular delivers excellent performance in high current, high duty cycle applications such as automation and robotics.

Input Range 380-480V
Output Current 400 Amps
Duty Cycle 70% at 40ºC
H455 x W235 x L500mm
Optional water cooler
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