WFU12- In-line MIG wire feeder

Our in-line MIG feed unit operates from the OCV of any DC welding power source, without the need for control cables. The simple front panel layout allows for ease of set up on CC or CV mode, and all functions are directly accessible by the multi function control knob and water proof push buttons.
# Powerful 4 roll wire drive system with electronic
feed-back to provide accurate and stable wire feed
# Digital display of wire feed speed and voltage, wire speed may be set in either inches or meters per minute.
# Set burn back time.
# Set slow start time.
# Set initial start voltage.
# Set pre-gas and post-gas time.
# 2T or 4T gun switch latching.
# Wire inch and gas purge buttons.
# Activity counter, (displays how many hours the wire feeder has been in use).
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